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Filmmaking, Shorts, Seattle, 90’s - Come on a time machine ride with me

These days I live in Los Angeles, but my dream was always to be able to make a living making films in Seattle.  The thought of being a regional filmmaker and making a feature every year or so and working with the same friends for years and years, while making a living, didn’t seem crazy at the time.  In order to even stand in the shadow of my filmmaking dreams I moved to LA quite a while ago.

Today a driver and I were talking about coffee and how much coffee has changed since the eighties.  He told me how much he laughed at the 1991 Steve Martin film LA Story when he found himself in a coffee place and people were ordering crazy coffee drinks.

When he mentioned this to me, it made me think of a filmmaker named Matt Draper.  I never met him in my time in Seattle, but I remember a short that he made called The Addict.  It was shot with a Bolex and was about a young man who moves to Seattle and develops an addiction to coffee.  It’s a pretty great short and I remember it for several reasons.

I remember that I thought it was quite funny, but more than that, this filmmaker was ballsy.  Not only had he made a short film in Seattle in the early 90’s (back when there were lots of film fans and few filmmakers), but he really made an effort getting the film out to the public.  I remember going to the local video store and he was selling his short film in a package.  The display featured a large ceramic latte mug, filled with coffee beans and of course the short film on VHS.  I believe one got the mug with every purchase of the short.

At various times I’ve told people about the short.  In fact I think I still have a copy on VHS somewhere.  In the past when I’ve told people about it I’ve done a cursory search of the net to see if it existed anywhere.  No dice.

This happened again today when I was describing the short to this driver at work.  This time though it turned out that it has been posted by the filmmaker on Vimeo.

Lucky for you!  C’mon step in a time machine back to 90’s Seattle.



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