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The Unadventurous Life of Ai

Last night I went out to support my friend Jonathan Salemi and his new directorial effort Open Road which was playing at the El Cid Short Film Night. Jonathan shot the short to test out the capabilities of the Red camera for a feature that he’s developing.  The project turned out great and was shot in only a day.

It’s always interesting to go to short film nights.  In some ways I find it uplifting, because I go and watch and come away feeling like I am far from the starting line like some of the other filmmakers.  I just wish that I had the time or the money to make films more frequently.

The one film that really stood out for me was a film by a filmmaker that goes by Matteo.  The series is called The Unadventurous Life of Ai.  I saw the third installment last night and enjoyed it quite a lot.  It’s not like it’s content blew me away, but I appreciated that the filmmaker had a very particular style.  The film was odd and funny and the cinematography was purposely composed.

This morning I went online and sought out the first two installments of the series.  It is also weird and wonderful.  I’ve tracked them down and posted them below.  Check them out and see what you think.

Be warned there is sex, nudity, a bit of pornography, a lot of weirdness, a great deal of humor and style.  

I think Matteo could make good money directing commercials.

You may like it or you may hate it, but isn’t that what art is all about?

Part I

Part II

Part III