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My facebook friend, and fellow filmmaker Matteo, posited that lists were confounding.  Wasn’t it important to form your own journey, to find your own way?  My argument was that lists were a good place to start.  Like a map.

I bring all of this up because I’m in the process of writing a movie that has a heist in it and thus started talking to my co writer about all of our favorite robbery movies.  In the process I decided to search the term Best Heist Films.  And I found a list.  A list that had a bunch of movies that I liked and had seen.  In fact I had probably seen most of them, and heard of nearly all of them, but there was one film that I hadn’t even heard of and it was on a best list.  Intriguing to say the least.

The film is called Stander and was directed by a Canadian named Bronwen Hughes.  It is not a perfect film, but it is pretty damn great.  It tries to meld apartheid era South Africa politics and a bank robbery film and it does it fairly well.  It doesn’t quite succeed in making a social commentary, but it does succeed in making a engaging tale of cat and mouse bank robbery.

The most remarkable thing to me was that I not only had I never seen it, let alone heard of it, but you can stream it from Netflix.

Lists, Matteo, sometimes they can lead you places you had no idea that you would end up at.  By the way everyone, Matteo is a very talented filmmaker who is raising money for a new segment in his series The Unadventurous Life of Ai.  He is a very talented, unique filmmaker, and you can checkout his Kickstarter campaign right here.